Antique & Classic Car Insurance

Specialized coverage for your extra-special vehicle.  Whether your eye-turner is a classic/custom, antique, rod/replica, or specialty, we’re here to provide you with a tailored insurance program that meets the specific needs of your unique, vintage collectible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is classic car insurance different than regular car insurance?

Classic cars and antique vehicles are usually used for pleasure use only – these aren’t your typical commuter vehicles!  Classic car insurance takes this special usage into consideration when generating the rates.  Another key feature of classic car insurance is making sure it’s insured to its proper value given its collector status.

When is a vehicle considered to be a classic car?

Depending on the insurance company, your vehicle may be deemed a classic car if it’s anywhere from 15-30 years old.  Vehicles older than that may be considered antique vehicles.  From an insurance perspective, it’s not simply the age that determines whether it’s classic or antique.  Usually the vehicle usage also plays a big role as well.

How is my vehicle value determined?

Often, insurance companies will need an up-to-date appraisal of your classic or antique vehicle to assess the condition and to determine the value of your prized possession.  It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to ask for an updated appraisal every 5 years.


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