Motorcycle Insurance

We can provide you with access to a variety of specialized programs that take into consideration your motorcycle driver history and vehicle usage frequency.  As a recreational vehicle, we want to make sure your motorcycle insurance coverage doesn’t feel like a luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get motorcycle insurance with an M1 license?

Yes, you can get motorcycle insurance with an M1 license in Ontario, but be prepared for the rates to be reflective of a newly licensed driver.

Why can't I remove coverage from my bike in the winter?

Motorcycle insurance policies already take into consideration the seasonal use of your bike.  Rates are calculated based on the assumption that you use your bike the most during the typical riding season.

What discounts are available for motorcycle insurance?

You can get similar discounts for your motorcycle insurance that you get for a standard car insurance policy – like discounts for completing driver training, or multi vehicle or multi policy discounts when bundling your insurance policies together.


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