Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Whether you’re looking to insure your motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV, we can provide you with the ideal liability insurance to ensure you’re covered while operating your vehicle.  Policies can be drafted to ensure you’re protected against collision, fire, theft, and vandalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove ATV/snowmobile coverage in off seasons?

Insurance policies for ATVs and snowmobiles already take into consideration the seasonal use of these types of machines.  Rates are calculated based on the assumption that you use these recreational vehicles the most during their typical riding seasons so removing coverage in the off seasons won’t provide significant savings.

What coverage do I need for my recreational vehicle?

Similar to regular car insurance, you’ll need to insure your recreational vehicle (i.e. an ATV or snowmobile) for third party liability coverage in case you’re held legally liable for any property damage or bodily injury and for Accident Benefits in case you’re injured in an accident.  You can also add coverage for Collision for any physical damage to your vehicle, and/or Comprehensive Coverage for fire, theft and vandalism coverage.

Do accidents & tickets affect ATV or snowmobile insurance?

They sure do.  Just like a car insurance policy, any accidents or tickets can affect the rates for your ATV and/or snowmobile insurance policy.


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