Garage Insurance

While you’re working hard to make sure your customers and their vehicles are well cared for, we’ll work just as hard to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage in place.  Our Trigon brokers will carefully craft a garage insurance policy to meet the needs of your auto service or repair business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need garage liability insurance?

If you have care, custody, or control of any customer (third-party) vehicles, then garage liability insurance sounds like it’s for you. It’s not only for garages, mechanics, or auto repair shops, but could also apply to car detailers, auto glass installers, and oil change shops too.

What does a garage liability policy cover?

Typically, a garage liability insurance policy will provide third-party liability coverage to protect you against bodily injury claims if a customer is injured on your business premises, or against property damage if you’re held responsible for damage to a customer’s car while it’s in your care. Other important coverage to consider include product liability, business interruption, and pollution liability, to name a few.

How much coverage do I need for garage insurance?

The amount of coverage you need under a garage liability insurance policy usually depends on how many vehicles are kept on the lot or in the garage, and the average value of each.  You should discuss your unique coverage requirements with an insurance broker to make sure you’re fully protected.


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