Manufacturing Insurance

Every manufacturing facility is different, which means each represents a different set of risks and exposures.  Your manufacturing insurance policy through Trigon will be customized to effectively protect your business against interruption, failure to perform, product liability, recall, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

As a manufacturer, the equipment you use is vital to your operations!  Although your equipment is covered under your commercial property insurance policy for damages from external sources like fires, you may not realize that damage from internal sources like a mechanical or electrical issue may not be covered under your policy. Adding Equipment Breakdown Coverage to your policy makes sure you have this protection to repair or replace your damaged equipment in these specific circumstances.

Are my goods insured during transport?

The not-so-simple answer: sometimes.  Some insurance policies include goods in transit coverage, while on other policies, transit coverage needs to be added separately.  It’s best to speak with your broker to discuss your operations so they can find you the perfect coverage for your unique operations.

Do I need product recall insurance?

We hope that it doesn’t happen but sometimes products need to be recalled for a variety of reasons. Product recall insurance ensures that you have the extra coverage to cover the costs of recalling products back from stores & distributors because their use or continued use could cause bodily injury, property damage and/or product failure.


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