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“Home sweet home” insurance.

Our home insurance solutions provide you with the coverage you need for your most important asset of all – your peace of mind. After all, navigating the home insurance landscape can be confusing. That’s why we’re here – to offer our home insurance customer Insurance that makes sense.

Homeowner’s insurance

A good house insurance policy is an important part of your home’s foundation. Let us help you build the coverage you need to protect your most valuable asset. We’ll present you with a range of options and explain the pros and cons of each, so you can sleep better at night.

Condo insurance

While your condominium corporation’s policy insures against loss or damage to the building, condo owners need condominium insurance to protect their personal belongings, appliances, and fixtures. Our range of products include coverage for betterments and improvements, loss assessment, contingent liability, and more.

Tenant insurance

As a tenant, your personal belongings aren’t covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. Tenant insurance helps protect you against unforeseen damages to your personal property, while also providing you with personal liability coverage anywhere in the world.

Rental property insurance

As a landlord, you need to make sure that not only are your property and personal contents protected, but you’re also protected against personal liability. Let us help explain the nuances of rental property insurance so both your property and you are adequately covered.

Cottage insurance

From a lakeside family retreat to a rustic cabin in the woods to a permanently parked trailer, cottages exist in a variety of settings. Some may be more at danger to fires while others are more at risk to flooding. Speak with your Trigon broker and we’ll develop the perfect cottage insurance policy for your dream home away from home.

Boat insurance

Whether stowed or out on the water, it’s important to have the right boat insurance in place. Our boat insurance policies can provide coverage against physical damage to your boat, as well as personal liability against claims of property damage and bodily injury.

Personal watercraft insurance

Whether you’re operating your Sea-Doo or Jet Ski yourself, or lending it to another individual, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you and your personal watercraft is insured against accidents and liability. Speak with Trigon first so you can enjoy your day out on the lake.

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