Cottage Insurance

From a lakeside family retreat to a rustic cabin in the woods to a permanently parked trailer, cottages exist in a variety of settings.  Some may be more at danger to fires while others are more at risk to flooding.  Speak with your Trigon broker and we’ll develop the perfect cottage insurance policy for your dream home away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent my cottage out on a home-sharing website?

You’ll want to check with your broker before renting out your cottage on a home-sharing website like AirBnb.  Some standard insurance policies will provide coverage for renting your cottage out for a certain number of days per year, or additional coverage could be added onto your cottage policy, but it’s best to have that discussion with your broker first.

How often do I need to check on my cottage?

For insurance purposes, most standard insurance companies have a requirement to check your seasonal property regularly – for example, once every 60 days – to ensure coverage is maintained.  It can vary depending on insurance company though, so make sure to ask your broker about your specific policy.

How much does cottage insurance in Ontario cost?

Just as cottages & vacation properties come in all different shapes and sizes, seasonal property premiums can vary greatly as well.  Location, property size & construction quality, how the cottage is heated, and proximity to fire services like fire hydrants or stations, are just a few factors the insurance companies take into consideration when pricing out the insurance.


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