Personal Watercraft Insurance

Whether you’re operating your Sea-Doo or Jet Ski yourself, or lending it to another individual, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you and your personal watercraft is insured against accidents and liability.  Speak with Trigon first so you can enjoy your day out on the lake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is personal watercraft insurance mandatory in Ontario?

Insurance for your personal watercraft, like a jet ski or sea-doo, isn’t necessarily mandatory in Ontario, but if it’s being financed through a bank or if you’re mooring it at a marina, you might be required to carry boat insurance.

Why do I need personal watercraft insurance?

Personal watercraft insurance will certainly give you peace of mind for your days out on the water.  It’ll protect you if you’re held responsible for damage to someone else’s property or if you cause bodily injury to another person.  Personal watercraft insurance can also protect your property from damage resulting from a collision, fire or theft.

Is personal watercraft covered under my home insurance?

You may be able to insure your personal watercraft under your home insurance policy depending on the type and size.  In many cases, it would need its own separate insurance policy though, so be sure to check with your broker to see what option is best for you.


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