Tenant Insurance

As a tenant, your personal belongings aren’t covered by the landlord’s insurance policy.  Tenant insurance helps protect you against unforeseen damages to your personal property, while also providing you with personal liability coverage anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need tenants insurance?

Tenants insurance, sometimes called renter’s insurance, not only provides coverage for your personal belongings but also covers you if you’re held legally liable for injuries or damage to other people’s property.  Some landlords require that you carry this and we certainly recommend it as well!

How much contents coverage do I need?

The amount of Contents Coverage on a tenant insurance policy varies from person to person since it depends on the value of your personal belongings and how much it would cost to replace all of them if you had a total loss like a fire.  Taking a home inventory of the cost to replace all your belongings is a good place to start.

I live in a highrise. Why do I need water damage coverage?

A popular misconception is that you don’t need Sewer Back Up or Overland Water Coverage if you live in a high rise building.  You may still need this coverage to protect your belongings if you have a storage unit in the basement of the building.  This coverage is also important if the building itself experiences a water damage claim that renders your unit inaccessible; your tenant insurance policy would provide you with Additional Living Expenses until you can get back into your unit.


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